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Guaranteed Whole life insurance also known as Final Expense life insurance... 

is a type of permanent life insurance coverage designed to provide protection for your family by locking in benefits that can help pay for end-of-life expenses, as well as cash value that can be accessed in an emergency.

What you’ll receive:

How Does Final Expense Life Insurance Work?

Final expense life insurance works like any other life insurance contract. When you die, your beneficiary receives the death benefit. They can use the money for any reason, including paying for your end-of-life costs and final expenses. 

If you have specific needs or wishes for your death benefit, communicate them to your beneficiary, understanding that they can use the money any way they choose. Consider these final expense insurance qualities to help you decide if it’s the right fit.

The application process is fast and easy, and coverage is typically approved within a few days, and you may even get approval the same day. Coverage starts after the company approves the policy and receives the first payment. 

By now you have more than likely received multiple mailers, ads, or seen TV commercials for Final Expense life Insurance. You may have questions or may be unsure if your quote is the best option?

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