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It is important to protect your home. Find out what is covered under your mobile home policy.

Every home needs to be protected against unforeseen damages, including your mobile home. In fact, mobile homes can be more susceptible to storms and other perils. Mobile home insurance can protect you from a large loss.

Mobile vs. Manufactured Homes in Arizona & Ohio

You may have heard mobile home insurance called manufactured home insurance. There is a good chance that your mobile home is actually a manufactured home. The difference is all in the age of your home. If your home was built before June 15, 1976, it is a mobile home. If it was build after that date, it is technically a manufactured home. This doesn’t really change anything about your home or your insurance. Both mobile and manufactured homes are usually built in a factory and set up on your property, are built on a metal frame rather than a basement or crawl space, and may have tie downs instead of a permanent foundation.

Most mobile and manufactured homes have a tag that needs to be renewed each year because they can be relocated. If you are not sure which type of home you have, you will find the answer on your home’s tag.

Get the best Coverage in Mesa, Gilbert & Apache Junction, Arizona & Toledo, Sylvania & Ottawa Hills Ohio

Your mobile home insurance will financially protect you from theft, weather-related damage such as hail and lightning, fire and even wind damage.

You can also protect your personal items, such as electronics and furniture. So if someone breaks in and steals any of your personal items, or you lose them in a fire or other disaster, your losses will be covered.

Another important coverage is liability, which protects you in case someone is injured or has their property damaged by you or someone in your household, like if someone slips on some water in your kitchen.

All of this coverage typically protects not only your home, but also any sheds, detached garages, etc.

Are additional discounts and savings available?

Yes, actually quite a few. Some companies will offer bundled savings by including an Auto | Motorbike policy with their company. There are providers that offer a One Discount provision that states if both insured items are involved in the same claim, you pay only the higher of the two deductibles.

Several additional discounts and savings opportunities are available to help keep your costs down, including: 

Is there a coverage option available for appliances? 

Yes, you can help protect your important household appliances and systems (A/C and Water tank) with Equipment Breakdown coverage for minimal extra cost.

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