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The right car insurance policy can help get you back on the road quickly if your auto is damaged or destroyed by accident, fire, theft, or other covered event. Your policy may also provide protection against medical and legal expenses resulting from injury, loss of life, or property damage caused by an accident involving your vehicle.

What is the best car insurance in Mesa AZ & Toledo OH right now?

Unlike health insurance, car insurance policies are actually made of several types of coverage — each with its own costs and benefits. Motorists can often select different coverage amounts for the different components, so it's important to know what types of insurance are best for your own situation. 

How does liability car insurance protect my family in Sylvania, Ohio?

Liability car insurance helps financially protect the other party when you're at fault in a car accident. It includes two types of coverage: bodily injury (BI) and property damage (PD). BI pays for expenses that result from injuries sustained in an accident, while PD pays for damaged property. In order to drive in most states, motorists must have some form of liability coverage or demonstrate another form of financial responsibility. This is to ensure that drivers who hurt others or damage property can properly compensate the other party.

What is bodily injury liability?

Bodily injury liability coverage (BI) is the most common type of auto insurance because it's required in almost every state. It covers you in the event you cause an accident that injures or kills others. Your car insurance company steps in to pay for the other party's medical expenses, lost wages or funerals. BI even covers any legal fees you incur if the other party decides to sue you in court.

Protection is provided by your insurer up to the BI liability limits in your policy; any bills beyond that will be your responsibility. While Arizona & Ohio requires BI limits of $25,000, they can range from a low of $10,000 per person in Florida to a high of $50,000 per person in Alaska. You can increase your limits, as long as state law allows, but you should consider your budget and whether your assets would be at risk following an accident.

Can you explain what property damage is?

Property damage (PD) insurance covers damage that you may cause to someone else's property. As an example, if you lose control of your car and run into your neighbor's house, property damage insurance would cover the costs of repairs, up to your policy limits. Likewise, if you rear-end someone's car due to no fault of their own, property damage insurance would also cover that incident.

Each state determines the minimum amount of PD insurance each driver is required to carry. But remember, while it may be tempting to only comply with minimum PD coverage, you'll be responsible for any expenses that exceed your coverage limits.

One thing many people get confused about is whether property damage insurance covers your car. In short, it does not. To cover damage to your vehicle, you'll need one of the two physical damage car insurance coverages, which you can read by following this link.

What is the difference between uninsured and underinsured? 

Uninsured motorist insurance protects you if you're in an accident with an at-fault driver who doesn't carry liability insurance. Underinsured motorist coverage steps in when you're in an accident with an at-fault driver whose liability limits are too low to cover the medical expenses of any injured people. 

Uninsured motorist coverage explained

Most states require drivers to carry auto insurance liability protection, but there are still many motorists on the road without any insurance coverage. The volume of uninsured drivers varies in each state, typically ranging from 5% to 30%. According to the Insurance Information Institute (iii.org) Arizona comes in at around 12% and the State of Ohio at 13%. This coverage is relatively low-cost and can be incredibly helpful in some cases. Some states include UM/UIM as part of the minimum required auto insurance.

Uninsured motorist coverage pays for your own medical expenses and car repair bills if you're hit by an uninsured driver. This may include hit-and-run accidents and cases where the driver stole the vehicle.

Underinsured motorist coverage explained

This covers your medical expenses and car repair bills if you're hit by a driver who doesn't have enough coverage to pay for the damage they've caused. If your claims exceed these limits, you can sue the driver for additional reimbursement — but in some cases, the underinsured driver may not have enough assets to pay. Underinsured motorist coverage will help cover the balance of medical bills or other expenses related to the accident. 

Currently, in the State of Arizona, it is estimated that 35% of drivers carry the State minimum of 25/50/15. That is broken down as, the insurer will pay up to $25,000 for bodily injuries per person, up to $50,000 for bodily injuries per accident, and up to $15,000 for property damage. 

To conclude, in the State of Ohio, it is estimated that 32% of drivers carry the State minimum of 25/50/25. That is broken down as, the insurer will pay up to $25,000 for bodily injuries per person, up to $50,000 for bodily injuries per accident, and up to $25,000 for property damage. 

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